The services we provide.

Have you ever wanted to create and publish your own game, but can't see the forest through the trees?
Then we can help you with that.

Ecstatic Dimensions was created with the motivation to give players a more honest and pleasureable experience when playing a game or using an application. The main focus is on games and this means games on every thinkable device/platform a person would play a game on.

In fact the company can create and publish any software. This also means we can publish and help with the development of a game or application that you or maybe someone you know might think of and by doing so we will save you a lot of money also.

Many people think it's easy to create a game/application or to get it published, but there's a lot that comes with it and a lot to keep into account. Next to that it isn't that simple to create a game in any aspect.
We can take this whole workload of your shoulders by doing for you what we normally do for our own products. With you as the creator/designer of the game and not the least...OWNER of the product with Ecstatic Dimensions as its publisher.

Finding the right company to develop your game and reaching an agreement, translating your idea and guiding the development team that will make the game is a lot of work. Next to this there are more factors that you will encounter.
We can translate your vision and idea to the developers to make the application as close to the original idea as possible by making the required artwork and guiding the development team in the process. We'll also plan talks with you to get the idea on paper and for the needed approval of anything that has to do with the project.

For any questions or additional information. Please contact our customer service.